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Circuit Breakers


  • Molded case
  • Air breakers
  • Vacuum Breakers
  • Insulated Case
  • Oil Circuit Breakers
  • SF6 (gas insulated)

Molded Case & Insulated Case

Molded case is the most common breaker type used for low amperage protection (MCCB). They usually look like a heavy black gray, or white rectangular box with a flip switch on the front. All power panels contain breakers that will "trip off" when power levels safe for the attached electrical equipment are exceeded.

One average these breakers are rated from 3 amperes up to 1000's of amps/

What most people don't know is that:

  • Breakers of 200 amp or more may be economical to repair

  • Insulated case breakers can also be economically repaired

  • Replacement breakers can be purchased as "new surplus" at huge savings over OEM cost

  • Rebuilt breakers can also be purchased at great cost savings

  • Both items 3 & 4 carry a full new manufacturer's warranty

  • Even small breakers can be purchased like items 3 & 4 as an alternative to new OEM purchase (repair by replace)

 Oil Circuit Breakers & SF6 Breakers

Our Capabilities include:

  • On-site repair and testing. (FL, GA, NC, SC)
  • Breaker replacement parts
  • Oil filtration Carts and permanently installed filtration systems
  • Mechs and Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Testing Equipment
  • Gas Carts (DILO)

Air Frame Circuit Breakers

  • Complete Rebuilt Breakers
  • In Shop Rebuild of your breakers
  • Field Service and Testing ( FL, GA, NC, SC)
  • Breaker & Cubicle Parts
  • Vacuum Retrofits
  • Matching lineups for existing breakers
  • Cubicle Parts
  • Switchgear

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